Thank you for taking the time to look over my portfolio. I am particularly proud of the work posted here and happy to share more as requested. The images are clickable.




WHO. Dinámico is an international creative collaborative that hosts laboratories and workshops for people from different disciplines and walks of life to transform ideas into simple objects at everyone’s reach. With their resources and connections, you can make your mind matter.

WHAT. I am the Brand Language & Communications Strategist of Dinámico. This start-up brought me on to concept their brand language and define their brand identity. Little did I know that was just the tip of the iceberg. In the process I have developed their US and international communications strategy, worked with their  graphic designer on international ad campaigns, and directed the creation of their copy, content, and online presence in the US and abroad. We are currently working on a 360 degree ad campaign to promote their LABs and objects.


WHO. Oscar Deco Inc. is a family-owned antique wood restoration company in New York City. Throughout its 20 years of business it has salvaged woodwork for Broadway theaters, upholstered antique furniture for the New York City Metropolitan Opera House, and restored countless family heirlooms for hopeful clients.

WHAT. I am currently the Creative Director/Writer of Oscar Deco Inc. This started as a ground-up copywriting project that included visual and linguistic branding, web development and advertorial content creation. It has grown into a multi-tiered creative development project spearheaded by a team of graphic designers, social media specialists, and photographers. I am currently directing a pivot to capture new customers in a younger demographic.


WHO. ECSS is a Singapore-based manufacturing and production software/hardware retailer and trainer. Their focus is on human talent and our ability to use digital technology to increase productivity, reduce errors, and push the boundaries of creativity.

WHAT. This was a rebranding project that covered copywriting, graphic design, and web development. I was responsible for creating ECS’s linguistic brand identity and brand language, carving out their mission statement and company description, and copywriting their highly technical product/services descriptions for engineering, design, and supply-chain manufacturing software/hardware.




WHO. That Tea is an Australia-based tea apothecary. They cater to the good life. Each tea is carefully scrutinized with the goal of helping people live healthier and more balanced lifestyles. That’s part of the reason their spread is so limited.

WHAT. This was one of a number of projects I did for That Tea. This was a product copywriting project that had me balance sales with art and a health nuts’ sensibility. I extolled the virtues of matcha tea, while emphasizing its health benefits and without compromising its captivating aesthetic.



How-to Article. The client requested a how-to on living a healthy lifestyle with an eye toward their tea selection.

My goal was to create a well-researched step-by-step plan that debunked some conventional health myths. 


EssayThe client requested an essay explaining the negative impacts of Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) on private dental practice and providing marketing solutions for family dentists who want to strike back. The essay was published in Dental Town.

My goal was to painlessly give the reader a primer on DSOs, underscore the virtues of private practice, and delineate a process-oriented solution aimed at family dentists.  




WHO. BlogBrain is an electronic publication that boasts over 130K followers across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The publication was established by Anurag Harsh, the Founder and Senior Vice President of Ziff Davis. BlogBrain is dedicated to spreading current content at the intersection of digital technology, marketing, economics, leadership, and management.

WHAT. I am the Associate Editor & Copyeditor of BlogBrain. I have curated its content toward industry-specific segments, improved the quality of reportage, created standards for fact-checking, and established overall guidelines for organization, structure, coherence, flow, and subject matter. I am currently consolidating articles to create three e-books centered on technology, leadership, and marketing.


WHO. Threlfall Consulting, LLC is a digital marketing agency specialized in creating written content for top-contributors to world-renowned publications and international content marketing campaigns. By leveraging a multi-tiered system of content creation, editing, proofreading, research and strategizing, Threlfall Consulting develops content that amplifies brand reach, supports the spread of knowledge, and, enhances the market presence of companies and individuals alike.

WHAT. I was the Line Editor & Critique Partner of Threlfall Consulting, LLC. In my time with them, I edited articles for publication in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and comparable venues. Line editing and critiquing covers organization, mechanics, coherence, research, language, and generally whether content is publishable.